Strawberry Cough

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The Strawberry Cough from Dutch Passion is a special cannabis strain with a super relaxing and relaxing effect. The plants grow easily and quickly and are therefore perfect for beginners. The delicious scents and flavors of the Strawberry Cough are reminiscent of sweet fruit with strawberries. The Strawberry Cough can be kept indoors and outdoors, she will also do very well in a greenhouse.

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The Strawberry Cough is one of the most unique and flavoursome cannabis strains the Dutch Passion breeders have ever managed to create. During the cultivation of the Strawberry Cough, the main aim was to increase certain unique properties, resulting in this very special strain. The aromas released after touching the buds are fruity and have a strong strawberry scent that will make your mouth water.


The Strawberry Cough by Dutch Passion is a cannabis strain that grows super easy and fast. she is resistant to fungi and diseases, which means she can be kept well outdoors and in a greenhouse. Indoors, these cannabis seeds will also grow into beautiful compact phenos, which can show purple colors in the last weeks of the flowering phase. The ease with which the plants grow makes them the perfect choice for beginners. The Strawberry Cough has super strong genetics that can withstand quite a bit of stress. the best thing is of course not to make mistakes during the cultivation, if this does happen this strain will take the hit with reasonable ease. The perfect seeds to start with.


The Strawberry Cough mainly comes from North America, but certain strains from parts of Europe have also been used for crossing this cannabis strain. Ze heeft een redelijk laag THC gehalte van 12%, toch is het effect van de Strawberry Cough sterk aanwezig. This de-stressing cannabis strain has a super relaxed effect on body and mind. She will also ensure that you stay comfortably pressed in your couch or chair. Due to its rapid growth it is sometimes useful to train the plants or to apply low stress training techniques, this will result in a higher yield and lower the final height of the plant.








8 to 9 weeks