Purple Lemonade

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The Purple Lemonade by FastBuds is an autoflowering strain that produces beautiful purple buds. The Purple Lemonade is not only beautiful to look at, the delicious sweet and lemony aromas that the buds spread are definitely recommended to any cannabis lover. Under the right conditions, a THC percentage of up to 22% can be achieved. This in combination with all the other positive qualities makes the Purple Lemonade a strain that everyone should definitely experience.

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The Purple Lemonade from FastBuds is an autoflower cannabis strain, which means that the plants will flower automatically depending on the number of light hours they have had. The Purple Lemonade will start to flower automatically after 3 to 4 weeks, even if the light hours remain the same or become longer. The flowering phase of the Purple Lemonade is short, lasting only 8 to 9 weeks. Due to the short growth and flowering phase, the cannabis seeds of the Purple Lemonade are an interesting choice for countries with short summers.

The Purple Lemonade is one of the tastiest cannabis strains that the FastBuds growers have managed to create. The aromas that are released smell strongly of lemon and sweet lemonade made from citrus fruits. The Purple Lemonade is highly recommended for anyone who values taste and smell. The exotic terpene profile combined with her complex high will make for a very pleasant experience. The Purple Lemonade consists of 70% indica genes and 30% sativa genes.

The breeders at FastBuds have again succeeded in bringing a beautiful indica dominant autoflower strain to the market. This time, the breeders crossed an exotic purple cannabis strain from California with the best Ruderalis Genetics from Fastbuds. The calming indica high is a hallmark of Purple Lemonade. The effect of this strain is potent compared to other autoflower strains. The Purple Lemonade can reach a high THC percentage of up to 22% under the right conditions.

This unique cannabis strain grows easily and quickly and does not demand much from its caretakers. She can be kept outdoors and indoors. The plants can also survive with a low dose of nutrition. The plants are about 70 to 110 centimeters high and are full of thick buds. The beautiful purple buds can grow to lighter pinks depending on the genetics combined with nutrition and light. The green leaves, brown hairs and purple flowers create a beautiful contrast of colors, which is a real pleasure for the eyes of every cannabis fanatic.








9 to 10 weeks