Passion Fruit

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The Passion Fruit by Dutch Passion is a fantastic hybrid strain with a breathtaking taste and smell. The buds of the Passion Fruit are perhaps the fruitiest you will ever experience, they smell wonderfully sweet and have a very fruity aroma that will make your mouth water. This strain is quite easy to grow and likes a bit of sun and a somewhat drier climate. She thrives very well in a greenhouse but can also be grown indoors and outdoors. Not only is the taste of this strain amazing, the effect of these marijuan plants is also strong and will make them one of your new favorite cannabis strains.

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The Passion Fruit from Dutch Passion is a fantastic hybrid strain that consists of 50% indica genes and 50% sativa genes, making her a perfectly balanced hybrid cannabis strain. It came about because the breeders at Dutch Passion got their hands on a great clone of a Sweet Pink Grapefruit. Not often had the Dutch Passion breeders bred such an amazing and unique strain, so they decided to cross this plant with an original Orange Bud. Carefully crossing these two strains and selecting them for her best traits resulted in Passion Fruit.

The terpenes of the Passion Fruit have breathtaking aromas. The flowers of this strain smell so good that it will instantly become one of your new favorites. The exotic scents and taste of the Passion Fruit are comparable to a large bowl of freshly cut fruit. She may well be the tastiest cannabis strain you will ever experience, which is why Passion Fruit cannabis seeds are so popular worldwide. The effect of this strain is also price-worthy, you will be amazed by the effect that the Passion Fruit carries with it. A strong and long-lasting high makes her perfect for an evening of Netflix or lounging on the couch. All these characteristics make the Passion Fruit one of the most special genetics that the breeders of Dutch Passion have ever managed to grow.

The Passion Fruit can reach a THC content of 20%, less is known about the CBD content of these plants. They like a warmer and drier climate and will do perfectly in a greenhouse if the conditions in this greenhouse are right. She does not only thrive in a greenhouse, indoors and outdoors she will produce beautiful results, which are definitely worth it. The buds that come from these feminized cannabis seeds are of a very high quality. They will amaze you with her complex terpene profile. Do you think quality and quantity are important? Then don’t wait any longer and embark on a new adventure with the Passion Fruit feminized seeds.








8 to 9 weeks