O.G. Kush

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The O.G. KUSH is a super potent cannabis strain that originated in California. This strain can reach a THC level of 20% and provides a strong effect. The plants remain fairly small and often do not grow taller than 160 centimetres. This strain grows compact and produces thick stems, which is also necessary to hold up the heavy buds. The wonderfully smelling terpenes of the O.G. Kush make this strain perfect for anyone who cares about quality.

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The O.G. Kush by Royal Queen Seeds is one of the most potent strains this company has ever released. The THC content of this strain can reach a height of 20%. As a result, the effect of this strain is often underestimated. You will be amazed at how powerful the effect of this strain is. This is also one of the reasons it is so sought after by cannabis enthusiasts and coffee shops. The O.G. Kush is a true old school strain that has remained popular over the years thanks to her great results. These seeds have also won many cups and other cannabis awards.

How this strain originated is not fully known. Because it has been so long since this strain was created, it is impossible to find out exactly how it came to be and who the parents of this cannabis strain were. In any case, the strain originated in Northern California, where many master breeders come from. There are rumors that it was created by crossing a Chemdawg with Pakistan Kush and a Lemon Thai. There are rumors that it was created by crossing a Chemdawg with Pakistan Kush and a Lemon Thai.

De terpenen van de O.G. Kush zijn uniek en ruiken echt heerlijk. The terpenes of the O.G. Kush are unique and smell really delicious. Due to its complex smell, this cannabis strain is a real must-have for every connoisseur. This fast growing plant does not grow very tall. They reach a maximum size of about 160 centimeters. This makes her attractive to be kept in small spaces. The O.G. Kush consists of 75% indica genes and 25% sativa genes, which is also the reason that the plants stay small and grow compact and bushy. She has a thick trunk and slightly shorter thick stems. This robust shape makes it easier for the branches to hold up the large sticky buds.

The O.G. Kush has a fast flowering time of only 8 to 9 weeks. She can be kept indoors and out. Outdoors, these plants are at their peak around mid-October. Around this time your plant will have the most THC and the effect will be most pleasant. She is fairly resistant to fungi and diseases, but still prefers a nice sun.








8 to 9 weeks

Eind bloeitijd buiten

Half October