Lowryder Auto

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The Lowryder auto from Vision Seeds has arguably the fastest growth and flowering cycle of any strain. This plant grows so fast that it can sometimes be harvested as early as 8 weeks after the seeds have germinated! The Lowryder auto stays small and automatically starts flowering very early. Plants usually do not grow larger than 50 centimeters. The cannabis seeds are female and produce small compact plants. The Lowryder auto consists of 80% indica genes and 20% sativa genes.

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The Lowryder auto from Vision Seeds is one of the fastest growing cannabis strains in the world. If speed and time are important to you then the Lowryder car is an interesting choice. Under good conditions it is possible to harvest the Lowryder auto super fast, from the moment the seeds have germinated it takes 8 weeks. After this time, the plants are ready for the scissors.

The Lowryder auto was specially marketed because of its fast growth and flowering phase, the size of the plants also played an important role. It was created by merging the genetics of the Williams Wonder with the genetics of the N.L. No.2 and the Mexican ruderalis. Most phenos don’t grow taller than 50 centimeters, which means they thrive in tight spaces. The Lowryder requires less nutrition than the average cannabis strain. The roots also remain smaller, so they are often in pots of a maximum of 11 liters. Because the Lowryder remains very small, the yield will not be very large, with a record of 50 grams per plant you can be very happy, yields of 50 grams per plant are not common, only if the plants thrive under perfect growing conditions.

The cannabis seeds of the Lowryder auto are all feminized/feminized, which means that the plants that come from these seeds are female. The Lowryder has a very short growth phase followed by a short flowering phase. You will be amazed at how quickly the first flowering hairs are visible. The ease with which the Lowryder car grows also makes it an interesting choice for novice and more experienced hobbyists.

The Lowryder auto from Vision Seeds consists of 80% indica genes and 20% sativa genes, the indica dominant characteristics also come to the fore in the effect of this cannabis strain. Despite the average THC content of 14%, the Lowryder auto will provide a calm relaxing effect.








8 to 10 weeks