Fat Banana Automatic

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The Fat Banana automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is a fast flowering autoflower variety with a high THC content of 22%. The flowers smell wonderful, of citrus fruits with banana and earthy aromas in the background. The Fat Banana automatic was created because the growers of Royal Queen Seeds managed to cross Fat Banana with a Cookies Auto. By selecting only for the best traits for a long time, Royal Queen Seeds finally managed to stabilize this beautiful strain. The Fat Banana automatic grows quickly and produces nice thick buds. de planten hebben niet veel verzorging nodig om goed te groeien. The Fat Banana automatic is the ideal Indica autoflower strain for many cannabis enthusiasts.

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The Fat Banana automatic from Royal Queen Seeds is a fast flowering Autoflower variety. After the seeds have sprouted, the plants need 9 to 10 weeks to reach their peak. Despite the rapid growth and flowering phase of these plants, they are known for being able to yield a lot. The buds are thick and green and will become very compact when the humidity is a bit lower, this is especially important in the last few weeks of the flowering phase. The scents of citrus and banana with earthy aromas are easily recognizable in the terpene profile of the Fat Banana automatic. Are you looking for a fruity autoflower variant with a high THC content? The Fat Banana automatic might be an interesting choice for you!

The Fat Banana automatic was created when the best growers from Royal Queen Seeds managed to cross a Fat Banana with a Cookkies auto. By selecting the offspring of this cross for their best qualities for years, the growers at Royal Queen Seeds have finally succeeded in stabilizing this beautiful autoflower. Indoors, the plants will reach a height of 70 to 100 centimeters. when grown outdoors, the Fat Banana automatic can reach a length of 80 to 120 centimeters.

The Fat Banana is a cannabis strain that finishes very quickly, starting to flower after only 2 to 3 weeks after the seeds have germinated. After this short growth phase, the ladies need another 7 to 8 weeks to reach their peak. After these 7 to 8 weeks, your patience will be rewarded with delicious sticky buds. The Fat Banana can reach a high THC content of 22%. It will therefore not surprise you that the effect will certainly be present. The Fat Banana makes you sharp and clear, yet it will also ensure that you can function carefree.

The Fat Banana can grow outdoors, indoors and in a greenhouse and is not difficult to keep. The genetics of this strain are 20% sativa genetics, 70% indica genetics and 10% ruderalis genetics.








8 to 9 weeks