Bubblegum XL

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The Bubblegum XL by Royal Queen Seeds is a deliciously sweet strain known for high yields. These feminized cannabis seeds can reach a THC content of 19%. They have a fast flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. The short wait will be rewarded with compact green buds. The plants smell sweeter than most Amsterdam cannabis strains. the sweet citrus scents with earthy undertones will delight your smell and taste senses.

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The Bubblegum XL by Royal Queen Seeds is a deliciously sweet strain. The seeds belong to the somewhat newer Amsterdam genetics, and have a slightly sweeter terpene profile than the somewhat older Amsterdam strains. The scents of citrus fruits with earthy undertones will immediately catch your eye when you hang your nose over the green buds.

The Bubblegum XL didn’t just get its name. She has earned her name because super big yields have been achieved with the Bubblegum XL. The plants grow fairly quickly and have strong thick branches. This is also necessary so that they can keep the green compact buds upwards later. The Bubblegum XL needs a bit more light and nutrients than average cannabis strains, due to the size of the plants and the energy they need to grow and flower.

The feminized cannabis seeds of the Bubblegum XL were created by crossing a Power Plant and a Santa Maria. The breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have only managed to select the best traits from both parents, creating the rock-solid genetics of the Bubblegum XL. She can reach a THC percentage of 19% and a CBD level that remains very low. The effect of the Bubblegum XL is soothing and relaxed, at the same time it stimulates your mind and provides a pleasant vibe.

The Bubblegum XL is a fast flowering strain, she only needs 8 to 9 weeks to flower. When the end of the plants gets closer you will be amazed at the size the buds can take. The large green buds are compact and can sometimes be so heavy that the stems hang or break. Always try to support the branches if the plants no longer have the strength for this.

The Bubblegum XL from Royal Queen Seeds can reach a length of 140 centimeters within. Outdoors she grows taller and can easily reach a length of 200 centimeters. Under the right conditions, some plants can even reach a height of around 300 centimeters. The Bubblegum XL consists of 40% indica genes and 60% sativa genes. The seeds are feminine and perfect for anyone looking for a productive strain.








8 to 9 weeks