Bubba Kush

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The Bubba Kush is a super old strain that is still very popular because of her strong genetics and beautiful traits. This strain consists of 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics. She can reach a super high THC level of up to 29%! The Bubba Kush is very potent and accompanied by a happy and relaxed vibe. Over the years, the Bubba Kush has grown into a very strong strain that can be kept under different conditions. It has good resistance to fungi, diseases and pests. This makes her highly recommended for anyone looking for seeds that provide a beautiful end result.

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Barneys Farm’s Legendary Bubba Kush is a real winner in quality and quantity. This strain has been very popular in different parts of the world for centuries and is even today a must have for every hobbyist and coffee shop. The Bubba Kush is a strain that is resistant to mold and pests, as well as to extreme weather conditions. This makes her ideal for keeping in European countries, where the weather is sometimes very hot but can also be cold and humid. This strain does not grow very tall indoors, reaching a maximum height of 120 centimeters. Outdoors, this strain can grow up to 200 centimeters, but it usually stays up to 150 centimeters. Despite the fact that the plants remain small, they are very productive. sometimes the buds become so heavy that the stems break off or hang down. So keep this in mind!

The seeds of the Bubba Kush are feminized. This means that all seeds are female. This robust strain has a very unique terpene profile that the average stoner can’t resist. The Bubba Kush smells of sweet hash, diesel and earthy undertones. In addition to her beautiful appearance, this strain can reach a THC percentage of up to 29%! The large thick flowers are covered with sticky sweet smelling trichomes. Because this strain contains so many trichomes, it is often used to make hash and other extracts. This is why this cannabis strain can also be found in countries such as India and Morocco.

The genetics consist of 70% indica genetics and the other 30% sativa genetics. She was created by crossing an Afghan Kush Landrace with a potent OG Kush. Through the many years of breeding this strain has become very strong and only the good qualities have remained and strengthened. Compared to other plants, the Bubba Kush is very easy to keep and the result is of an unprecedented high quality.








8 to 9 weeks