Blue Dream Sherbet

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The Blue Dream Sherbet is a potent strain that can reach a THC percentage of 25 to 30%! The plants are compact and do not grow very large. Still, it is a very productive strain that is not very demanding. Due to its strong genetics, these cannabis seeds are highly resistant to fungi and diseases, which means that this strain thrives in warm, but also moderately humid environments. This strain is known for its beautiful blue, pink and white colors that can show during the last few weeks of the flowering phase.

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The Blue Dream Sherbet is a potent and colorful strain. She was created by crossing the legendary Blue Dream with a Sunset Sherbet, which are great strains in their own right. The Blue Dream is known for its beautiful colours, unique taste and high resistance to diseases, pests and a humid climate. The Sunset Sherbet is also a much loved strain that is especially popular in the United States and California. By crossing these 2 strains with each other, the cannabis seeds of the Blue Dream Sherbet were created. This strain only takes the best traits from her parents, making her a real must for anyone looking for quality.

The Blue Dream Sherbet consists of 40% Indica genetics and 60% Sativa genetics. The plants look compact and have many branches, which will later develop the colorful sticky buds covered with a thick layer of trichomes. This strain can turn white, pink and blue in the last few weeks of the flowering phase. These colors will be even more pronounced when the temperature is somewhat lower than normal in the last weeks of flowering. The Blue Dream Sherbet is a super potent strain with a high THC percentage that can rise to an insane height of 30%! In contrast, the CBD content of the Blue Dream Sherbet is very low. This strain has a fairly short flowering time of only 9 weeks, making her ready for shearing as early as the last week of September. The plants have thick strong branches. This is also necessary, because the flowers can become large and compact, making them weigh a lot.

The cannabis seeds of this plant are feminised, which means that only female plants will come from the seeds and no male plants. This strain can withstand somewhat colder weather, making it a good outdoor grower. Because the genetics are very strong and the plants are resistant to fungi and diseases, these seeds are also interesting for novice hobbyists. Binnen kunnen deze planten rond de 160 centimeter groot worden terwijl ze buiten een hoogte van wel 200 centimeter kunnen bereiken. These plants are often trained to keep them lower and even more compact.








9 to 10 weeks

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