Auto Xtreme

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Dutch Passion’s Auto Xtreme was created when 2 seed banks with master breeders came together. Dutch Passion, in collaboration with Dinafem Seeds, spent 2 years creating the Auto xtreme. She is known for her high yielding and large green compact buds that can grow very heavy. Because it grows easily, the Auto Xtreme is highly recommended for beginners. Keep in mind the length of this autoflower, because she can reach a length of 150 centimeters! She also needs a little longer than average autoflower strains. The extended flowering period and rapid growth of this strain mean that the Auto Xtreme will deliver extremely high yields.

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The Auto Xtreme from Dutch passion was created in 2013 when 2 seed banks managed to bring their best breeders together. The best breeders from Dutch Passion and Dinafem Seeds have spent a total of more than 2 years growing this super autoflowering variety. Through this 2-year trajectory, the breeders have succeeded in perfecting the Auto Xtreme and making it genetically stronger. The result is a potent autoflower that is highly resistant to mold and pests. She has no problem with colder days, making her perfect for the cooler and more humid summers. Thanks to her strong genetics, this autoflower strain is ideal for budding cannabis enthusiasts.

You will be amazed at the super fast growth of these plants compared to other autoflower strains. The Auto Xtreme can even reach a height of 150 cm indoors! If this is a problem for you, be sure to start any training techniques on time.

This autoflower variant also needs a bit longer than average autoflowers. She will grow for 3 to 4 weeks first, after which she needs another 12 weeks to reach her peak. The rapid growth of this plant has meant that it also produces a lot more than other autoflowers. You will be amazed at the mega returns that the Auto Xtremen can deliver.

The thick green buds are a real feast for the eyes. The Auto Xtreme was created by crossing an Amnesia with a Super Haze and a strong Autofem. The smell and taste that you are used to from the Haze are clearly recognizable in this super autoflower strain. Despite her average THC percentage of 15%, the effect of this strain is quite potent.

Are you looking for easy productive autoflower cannabis seeds? Then the Auto Xtreme seeds are definitely worth trying.








11 to 12 weeks